Welcome to Choosing the Bright Side. I’m Amanda, and I’m so excited you are embarking on this journey with me.


I am a mom of four beautiful girls, embarking on a journey. To my children, I am teacher, caretaker, nurse, warm hug, soft pillow, climbing structure, creative mind, hand to hold, cleaning lady, mess maker, best friend, playmate, reader of stories, chauffeur, therapist, and sleeping buddy. Finally, I am not an expert on what makes a great parent, but I am on a mission to improve. 


I believe parenting is a beautiful journey, a calling, a joy, a blessing, the most important vocation, and the most difficult thing we will EVER do. I love being a mom, did I mention how difficult it is? Parenting takes a lot of hard work. The kind of work that tests your strength and character but brings rewards beyond compare. When it is done well, parenting can be the most rewarding experience we will ever have. Parenting is unconditional love, sleepless nights, wondering if we have made the right decisions, and praying that they turn out ok. It is also full of smiles, love, happiness, frustration, fear, guilt, and difficult choices.


My family is my rock. They are the foundation that supports me each and every day. My husband, Nicholas is an amazing father and husband (I could devote more time and space to how amazing he is, but I’ll save that for another day). He supports everything I do, pushes me to do better and inspires me to do more.

I love him, even if cheers against the Cowboys!

My four beautiful girls ages 7, 5, 3, and 1, inspire and challenge me each day. Their spirits and innocence remind me what it is like to be small and vulnerable. They push me to be a better mom and person. Not to mention, they’re pretty stinking cute!

The rest of my family is my source for unconditional love. I know, no matter what, they will always be by my side. They are my example of how hard work, commitment, and dedication can create the most rewarding moments in life.



Although I have been blessed with so many amazing gifts, I frequently find negative thoughts popping into my head. These are those pesky, negative thoughts that sometimes prevent me from experiencing joy in everyday situations and lead me to believe that I would be “happier if…”  Many times, I allow the fear, guilt and difficult choices drag me d
own. However, I have made a decision to choose the Bright Side: choose positive, realistic thoughts over negativity.

I started this blog as a way to chronicle my journey to automatic, positive thinking. I have made a commitment to self-examine, reflect and choose to find the bright side no matter how difficult things may get. This commitment will enhance the lives of my children, my family, myself and maybe even a few others along the way. Please join me as I explore, experience success and failure, and navigate my way to living on the bright side.

My journey begins here…JOIN ME! Join me on the journey to the bright side. Join me as I change the nagging, negative thoughts into positive thoughts, attitudes and, ultimately, actions.